Discover our garden of flavors

A place to indulge the emotions of tasting a kitchen at the same time reassuring and innovative wisely orchestrated by chef recipes in developing clean, balanced and simple, which meet every single ingredient.
Creative cuisine that does not forget the authenticity of Mediterranean flavors.
The Menu presents a cooking fresh food with the best products of Mediterranean cuisine.
Everything is created and everything changes.
Can make you catch from the main courses as rice timbale with seafood, paccheri (special pasta) with aubergine parmigiana and smoked mozzarella cheese, Green gnocchi with salmon and vodka, do not miss the beef filet stuffed with smoked cheese and rockets or selection of finger foods.
Desserts, fresh and handmade, one has only to choose between the ricotta and lemon pie, mix finger cakes and a choice of dessert selection.

Our menù

Finger Food

The new form of culinary culture, the search for the “small” of “perfection” and “color”.
Small godurie, from appetizers to desserts to eat only with hands.
Tartine, mignon, rolls, spoons filled with sauces, vegetables, desserts. Do not eat, “spizzica” in a relaxing atmosphere, on the sofas in the green of lemon groves with music that evokes the most beautiful feelings.
The perfect opportunity to find the right physical and mental harmony